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Visitation through ICSolutions’ Visitation System is

available at WI DOC Juvenile facilities!


All visitors must register (at no cost) to participate in a visitation session with a Youth at these facilities. 

See below for the visitation type available at the facility for the youth with whom you register.

Visitors can register for visitation at icsolutions.com, but must also be registered and approved for visitation with the specific youth by WI DOC in order to qualify to schedule visits. 



Lincoln Hills/Copper Lake Schools

Video Visitation is now available.


Grow Academy

Video Visitation is now available.


In-Person Visitation is now available.



 Click on the WI DOC link below.

Then click on the facility page to find visiting information specific to the site.



Privileged calls are not authorized for video visitation. 


Wisconsin DOC offers The Visitor™ visitation system which allows friends and family members the control to schedule visits for a time convenient for them.

Depending on the Youth's visitation eligibility, the visitation scheduling options available through The Visitor™ include OFFSITE video visitation and onsite IN-PERSON visitation (at Grow Academy only). 

See helpful links and information located below.


Visit from the facility:


(Grow Acadamy)

IN-PERSON visitation has no cost and is conducted in the facility's monitored visitation area. 


Visit from a personal Windows® computer, Android™ device, or iOS™ device: 

Offsite Visitation

(Lincoln Hills School/Copper Lake School & Grow Academy)

Visitors wishing to participate in OFFSITE  visitation are required to download and test the visitation application from their Windows® computer, Android™ device, or

iOS device (iPhone® or iPad®) before they will be able to schedule a visit.

For OFFSITE visitation, the visitor can choose to visit from a Windows® computer or alternatively from any Android or iOS device.

Download The Visitor™ app ICS MOBILE from the Google Play™ store or the Apple Store™ by searching "ICSolutions". 

**There is no charge associated with OFFSITE visitation for these WI DOC youth facilities.**



Create a new account/register for visitation

⇒ ICSolutions.com:  To create an account, register for visitation, add funds, schedule a visit, or connect an offsite visit from your computer, click here.

Register for Visitation if You Have an Existing ICSolutions® Account:  To register for visitation if you have an existing ICSolutions® account, please see Register for Visitation.

Create a New ICSolutions® Account and Register for Visitation (at the same time):  To create a new ICSolutions® account and register for visitation, please see Create and Register.

Add your party ID when you have already registered for visitation:  To add your party ID when you have already registered for visitation, please see Add party ID.


Schedule a visit

 Visiting Schedule and Rules:  To view each facility's visitation options, schedules, and facility rules, please visit Wisconsin DOC Juvenile Visitation.

Schedule a Video Visit:  To schedule a video visit, please see Schedule Video Visit.

Schedule an In-Person Visit:  To schedule an in-person visit, please see Schedule In-Person Visit.



Offsite Windows® computer application:  To download the application to conduct offsite visits from your Windows® computer, please click here

Android device application:  To download the Android app, please click here.

 iOS device application:  To download the iOS app from the Apple Store via your iPhone® or iPad®, please click here.



Offsite visitation help for Windows® computers:  For instructions on how to set up your Windows® computer for an offsite visit click here.

Offsite visitation help for Android or iOS devices:  For instructions on how to set up your Android or iOS device for an offsite visit click here.