Offsite Visitation Requirements

Offsite video visitation sessions allow the visitor to visit from remote location with internet connection via Wi-Fi or mobile data.  If you would like to visit from home you will need to download an application. The application is currently available for any Windows® computer (not Apple computer) as well as any iOS or Android device.

Note: Apple computers are not currently compatible to visit from home but can be used for registering and scheduling at

Downloading and Testing

After downloading the application you can test your settings and connection prior to scheduling. 

Note: One of the most common causes of problems that can occur while trying to conduct an offsite video visitation is weak or intermittent internet connectivity. We recommend to conduct the network test at the same time of day as your scheduled visit and also from the same location as internet connectivity speeds may vary at different times of the day based on your network carrier’s traffic or environment.

You will be required to conduct your network test again prior to connecting to your offsite visit.  It is recommended to complete this test 15 to 30 minutes prior to your scheduled visit.

Offsite visits may be charged and if so will require funds in your ICSolutions® account. Visitation costs will vary by agency.

When testing, if the quality of your echo test is not acceptable to you, you are able to cancel your visit (as long as you cancel before the scheduled start time) and will receive refund automatically if the offsite visit was charged.  

Note: Each facility has their own requirements for cancelling visits.  Please read your facility’s video visitation rules carefully when scheduling your visit.