Visitation Registration Process

All visitors must register (at no cost) in order to participate in video visitation sessions with an inmate at this facility.  Registration steps are outlined below.

1.   Go to from any internet-enabled device to log in to your existing ICSolutions® account or create a new account. This can also be completed from a registration kiosk located in the facility lobby.

2.   Once the visitor is logged into their existing ICSolutions® account or has created a new ICSolutions® account and logged in, the visitor must select Register for Video and enter the facility name.

3.   When registering, all of the required fields must be completed. The visitor must define the inmate who he/she wants to visit and must also define the relationship. Visitors will only be able to visit with an inmate who is on your approved inmate list.

NOTE: The remaining steps shown below apply only if you are registering for a ‘privileged’ relationship.

4.   If you register for a ‘privileged’ relationship, your facility may require your relationship be approved. Please check the applicable rules for the facility with whom you will be conducting visits. Any request for a ‘privileged’ relationship will be placed into a “pending” status and will be unable to schedule and conduct video visitation until the relationship has been approved by the facility’s Video Administrator.

5.   After a ‘privileged’ relationship has been approved, visitors can schedule and conduct ONSITE or OFFSITE visitation sessions with inmates. The approval process ensures these visits will not be recorded.